BrokenSteven is an attempt to implement an open source 3D rpg engine for Linux (though it currently runs on Windows as well). Implemented in c++.

currently implemented features
  • 3d person, quasi-isometric camera
  • point and click interaction with environment, cllision detection
  • movement, pathfinding
  • dialog system (dialog between PC and NPCs)
  • basic inventory system
  • scripting (integration with Lua)
  • saveing/loading the game, changing of the game scenes


demo map
you can watch a video of BrokenSteven demo map here. The demo map contains several 3d models that were not produced by BrokenSteven team. Here, you can find the list of those objects with attribution to authors.

We use several other open source libraries:
  • Ogre - 3d rendering engine
  • CEGUI - gui system
  • OIS - library for handling input devices
  • Opcode - collision detection library
  • OgreOpcode - Opcode wrapper for Ogre
  • Micropather - A* solver
  • Lua - scripting language
  • ToLua - tool for integration of C/C++ code with Lua

files at sourceforge: download the binary (for your platform), the pack with media and unzip both archives in the same directorty.
or checkout source code from sf-svn (media are not currently included in svn, please download them form here):
svn co brokensteven

if you have any questions or would like to contribute in any way to the project, you can reach us by mail:

Last update: 01.12.2008